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Wedding: Lovely flower girl

Three days ago, I attended a wedding party. It’s my sister wedding. Like all wedding, there were food, wedding decorations, music, cocktail and tequila drinks, bride and groom(the main character of the wedding), guest, flower girl and ring bearer. Everybody dress up in a pretty and charming attire. Everything looked formal and normal to me.

It was a boring place for me to stay but because it is my sister wedding, so I got no choice. I was trying to find something interesting to do to kill my boredom. And this little cute flower girl made my day.

While talking and enjoying my tequila and enduring the boredom in me, this little flower girl came to me crying and hugged me.

I was “Wow, easy there little girl, I almost spill my drink on you. And  you might want to tell me what’s going on?”

“I want to married too!” the little girl said in a desperate and demanding tone.

I was surprise and I asked her to come with me to a bench. While looking at her crying, I gave her some sweets that I accidentally brought from my house (Not accidentally, it is actually purposely). I have this cute little conversation with her that made my day.

“How old are you little girl?”

“7  years old.”

“Well can you tell me why you want to marry?”

“Why can’t I?”

Surprise look (I guess that was what my face expression is), “Well I didn’t say cannot little girl. I just want to know the reason why you want to marry?”

“I want to say those words.”

“What words?”

“I love you darling, it will be only you from now until forever.”

I smiled and I told her “Well, that sweet of you. why you want to say those words?”

“Because I want my brother back. She told him that, and he get my brother and they can live until forever.”

I was impressed by this little girl. Because at such a young age, she really love his brother that much and she was so attached to him. Btw I just realized that my sister husband has this little cute girl as his little sister.

“Haha. Cute. There there, your brother always loves you no matter what.  He will live with your forever. Now, he met someone that I can say to you, true love.  “

“True love? I want that. Can I get from him?”

I laughed lightly and say “Oh, you have it already is in here *point to her heart*”

Still in a confuse look “I guess, I will say to him, that he is my true love.” Then, she ran away to his big brother that was standing in the altar, and said “Big brother, I love you. You are my only true love.”

Looking at that, I was surprise and everyone  does. But listening to what she said make everyone smile and gave a happy atmosphere.

It was the flower girl that made the day brighter for the couple, and I felt it was amazing.