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Short Random Irrelevant Story

Okay, I created this short story by myself. I get this inspiration while looking at the sunset today at the beach, and two old couple (70 years old) walking down together at the side of the beach. Here how the stories begin and end.

“It was evening with the warm sun setting down. I was there, enjoying myself with the warm breeze and sunlight. While enjoying, a couple strolled together at the side of the beach. Holding hand and smiling to each other. Not like any normal couple, but this couple was old. So old. I could see their eyes beaming with love and happiness as they had spent and enjoy their young life together, and now they were enjoying the companionship with each other more though they were old enough. The old man looked at the old woman. He looked at her as though he was looking at the most beautiful angel. He touched her cheek and kissed her forehead. That gentle gesture of love gave a wide smile to the old woman face. Her smile wasn’t the prettiest smile I ever seen, in fact, her teeth can be count by fingers. But in the eye of the old man, her smile was the prettiest smile he has ever seen. It’s like it was the first time he had seen her smile and immediately fall in love. A question came into my mind and said “Will I also experience that kind of love when I am old?” A smile came to my face as they walked passed me by. It was the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. The love was real and still real until now.”

Okay, that is the story. Gotta go now. Ciaooo! 😀