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Zalora Review: First Experience in Purchasing Online

Hi. I’m going to tell you about my first amazing experience with Zalora. In my previous post I have told you about the cheap section in Zalora.  So now I’m going to do my personal view on this fashion website since I have bought two blouses from their website, and this will be a very honest view.

Personally for me, they have a good product, and their delivery is free. That’s what I like. Another thing that I like  is their voucher gift. That really allow me to purchase more of their good quality of product. The service is satisfying for me. I kind of happy because my blouses are in good condition and arrive on time.

The best part is I enjoy buying online. It’s more convenient that I thought. Kind of addicted for me now. Because I just need to browse the whole website, and just click on what I want. So easy and nice!

Thanks to Zalora, I have a good shopping experience. 🙂 I’m glad to buy at their website.

If you don’t know them, you can check at their website, twitter,or facebook 🙂


Just Another Awesome Dress by Awesome Designer

Khoo hooi is a famous fashion designer in Malaysia. I kind of like his dress design because most of it is simple.
If you haven’t see them, then click here. I saw them there and the price consider okay for me.

He is another Malaysia fashion designer that has hit the market with his unique and special design. If Jovian Mandagie focus on baju kurung, Khoo Hooi will focus on dress. Both of them are the well known youngest fashion designer that I know in Malaysia. What do you think?

Not anybody can make those beautiful pattern and design like them. This is art, and it is amazingly gorgeous. Don’t you think?

Shoes Sale at Zalora

While listening to my beloved mp3 today, a friend message my handphone and asked me to check .

She said there was a year end sale for shoes. Since I was searching for cheap shoes, so I tried and check and the price was pretty awesome for me. But still a little bit expensive than my budget.  I have this bad habit of losing control when shopping, because when I saw something nice or cute, I couldn’t really control the side of me that want to shop, shop and shop.

So checking the zalora website for this year end sale needs a huge courage to not buy what it’s cute and nice. Their dress, shoes, jeweleries are really gorgeous, the price is also cheap for a branded product.

This sale will definitely attract alot of people, and I’m one of them. Need to save money now to get what I want.

Cheap Blouses and Tops from Zalora

I just realized that zalora has this below RM 50 section in the website. What I like is the clothes and shoes are branded type, not the pasar malam type.

I am so interested in this and I have purchased two clothes from there for my x-mas and new year celebration this year. Updating my closet soon. I guess this will be an awesome online shopping.

I will update you guys soon. Wait for my review.. ^^