Rizalman Ibrahim’s Dresses at Zalora

Oh my god oh my god, i feel like screaming now! can i? here we go……ARGHHHHHHHHHH


This would be a simple post by me but I would definitely highlight the main points here. I got some good news for you especially for those who love shopping online with Zalora Malaysia. Do you guys know that they are going to have another collection of local fashion designer? In the near future, or probably just a few months to come, they are going to have Rizalman Ibrahim’s collection in their store. I think this is a great news for someone who has been their loyal customers since December 2012, like me! lol. I have told my sister about this and she’s as excited as I am on this. Rizalman is famous because of his creative collections of Malay women’s traditional wear or pakaian tradisional like baju kurung, baju kebaya, tudung or head scarves and jubah. I decided to get one because in this coming July I would have to attend a Malay-themed wedding so it sounds so right if i were to buy his dress on Zalora 🙂

step5 TeaserRizalman_FB (1)


Check out this blog for more information! —–> YouLizaHan blog

Credits given to that blog. tq 🙂


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