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Britney Spears : Hottest Celebrity Mom!


Britney Spears is one HOT mama! Ever wonder how does she do it? Being a famous popstar, recording new music while still be able to be a good mommy for her childer I can say she’s unbelievably amazing! In a recent interview, Brit Brit revealed that one of her biggest secrets to staying in shape is lots and lots of yoga.

“I really love doing yoga. I have two separate trainers that come in and we play with it. I don’t like doing the same thing all the time, but my main ritual is yoga. I do a lot of yoga.”


Now let’s see her recent photos! Still looking good. I love her gold high heels and of course her short black dress. She looks more confident now than she used to before.







One of the HOTTEST Celebrity Moms ever! She looks stunning!! It’s insane how great her body is right now! And that entire look is just FLAWLESS from head to toe!